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Elements of Balance Adaptogenic Drinks

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Sponsored Post: Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good functional drink. Add that it is plant-based/adaptogenic, and I am really sold. Element of Balance did just that. Their drink line holds 4 different, functional plant-based drinks. You can purchase the 12 count variety pack at this link:

Sleep: contains ashwaganda (to promote sleep and relaxation), passionflower (to ease restlessness), and l-theanine (to support sleep quality). This drink did not necessarily make me feel sleepy, but it did contribute to having a good, sound, uninterrupted sleep. It was also my favorite flavor!

Energy: contains rhodiola (to boost energy), ginseng (to fight fatigue), and green tea caffeine (to increase energy and alertness. I tend to drink tea more often than coffee, so the amount of caffeine in this drink was perfect to give me a great boost. The best part was it did not involve a crash after the boost. This was my least favorite taste-wise. The ginger was very, very prominent, but if you like ginger, you will love it!

Calm: contains holy basil (to boost tranquility and enhance mood), wild green oat (to ease tension), and lavender (to promote relaxation). This was like lo-if beats and a hot bubble bath in a can. I did feel super relaxed not too long after drinking this can and it was also another favorite flavor.

Focus: contains schisandra (to fight distractions), lion’s mane mushroom (to boost concentration), and citicoline (to support brain power). I loved this drink! I specifically tried it out on a day when I was struggling with my focus. I feel like It did help me to redirect my thoughts & get in the zone.

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22 févr. 2022

OMG. These seem great! I love a good drink with benefits! I really want to try the one for “Focus”. I will be placing an order! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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