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About Me

A Creative Mind

Hello! I am Jonaé: a fun-loving, girl-boss, girl-mom, and plant-mom creative who is slightly obsessed with all things aesthetically pleasing...


Ok, that was a bit general. Let me be a little more specific: I was born, raised, and still reside in the great state of Texas. Everything here is bigger, except for me (I'm 4'11). Aside from me getting the "short end of the stick", I am a HBCU graduate, mother, and an entrepreneur who gets a great kick out of making things beautiful. I am obsessed with r&b music, beauty products, fashion, perfumes, makeup, candles, and all the things that make the typical girl swoon. My hobbies consist of cooking, shopping, chasing after my toddler daughter, traveling, exercising, content creation, and napping whenever the opportunity presents itself. I am a writer & philanthropist who take a great pleasure in inspiring, encouraging others, and giving back to the community. I also have a great passion for health, wellness, and sustainability of the environment.

Content creation is art for me. I love taking what the regular person sees and making it something beautifully exceptional and satisfying. This is where my vision and creativity collide to produce content that can/will benefit and promote brands in a unique way.

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